Cindy presents to many different individuals in a wide variety of industries and settings. Anyone interested in improving the culture of their organization can benefit from Cindy’s participative, engaging, powerful and enlightening presentations. Her message and strategies can truly be used in any setting…both professional and personal. Below are a few examples.


Would you like to like work in a school system where you are…

“Helping Create Schools Where Students Love to Learn, Teachers Love to Teach and Parents are Proud.®”?

Dr. Zurchin has successfully taught the strategies to teachers, students, and parents across the United States. Schools have witnessed a positive change in days. This positive and supportive environment foster growth and success for the entire school community. Everyone wins! Dr. Zurchin’s model has become a nationwide model for student success. Contact Dr. Zurchin to learn more and discover how to transform your school culture today!

  • Developing a positive school culture – building relationships
  • Creating a vision
  • Educational audits – improve teaching and learning
  • Leadership training for all levels
  • Yoga/mindfulness in schools
  • Community and parents as partners


  • Would you like to improve the culture of your workplace?
  • Would you like your employees to function as an effective team?
  • Would you like to improve the service your company provides for your customers?
  • If your answer is “Yes” contact Dr. Cindy Zurchin today!

Dr. Zurchin works with small and large companies from a variety of industries and settings to help improve the culture of the organization. Her keynotes and trainings are participative, engaging, powerful and enlightening. Dr. Zurchin will help your employees to learn to re-engage with their purpose of living a happy, healthy, personal, and professional life.

  • Building trust
  • Team building
  • Customer service / client relations
  • Effective communication
  • Leadership training
  • Mindfulness


  • Would you like to inspire and retain your employees?
  • Would you like your patients to have positive experiences in your facility?
  • Would you like outside medical providers to recommend your hospital, clinic, or office?
  • If your answer is “Yes” contact Dr. Cindy Zurchin today!

Dr. Zurchin is a motivational speaker who shares her experiences to inspire Healthcare workers to love the work they do while caring for themselves. Dr. Zurchin’s near death experience of being thrown from a car which exploded, diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, and told she had three months to live will engage the hearts of your healthcare employees. Throughout her storytelling Dr. Zurchin shares strategies to assist healthcare providers to build their own resiliency as they deal with the day-to-day stresses of working in a healthcare setting.

  • Trauma recovery
  • Resiliency building
  • Working as a team
  • Care for healthcare workers
  • Mindfulness

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