Whale Done! Series co-authored by Cindy Zurchin

“Helping create schools where students love to learn, teachers love to teach and parents are proud.®”

THE WHALE DONE SCHOOL is the third in the Whale Done! series, focusing the proven power of positive attention on the process of educating children. Based on an actual school-turnaround story, the fable demonstrates how students’ behavior and academic performance improves dramatically when teachers systematically employ the science of training killer whales – i.e. building trust, giving lots of attention to what their students do right, and redirecting wrong behavior to positive outcomes. This book can be found and purchased on Amazon.com.

Ballerina on Wheels: Amazing Ava’s First Dance Recital by Cindy Zurchin

Amazing Ava’s First Dance Recital is the story of a young lady, Ava, who performs in her first dance recital with the support of her dance teacher, Miss Sam. Ava is non-verbal and uses a wheelchair for mobility. Ava shows the world what is possible and places no limits on her abilities. An inspiring real life story children, parents, grandparents, caregivers and teachers will enjoy over and over again. This story will help children to build their confidence and encourage them to try new things without placing limits on themselves. Share the book with your child’s classroom or your local dance studio. Ballerina on Wheels supports the concepts of diversity and inclusion of children of all abilities. This book is a great gift for children ages two – ten years of age or pre-school – elementary students.

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